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Kendrick C. Harvey Carpentry

What We Do

          I can and have built everything from a mansion to a dog house. If you don't see what you want on this website it's only because I haven't built one since I started the site. Many people in construction will say they have 31 years experience. This often means they had a variety of jobs in different trades. I have never done anything but carpentry. You would think I could retire.

Our Philosophy

        When someone hires me to build something for them I am very aware that whatever it is it is personal and important to them. The fact that I am making this thing is personal and important to me. I am proud of my work and want your project to be something we both can be happy about. I view this as sort of a partnership where you have a vision of what you want and I help you make it a reality.

        I am not a big company that might have specific rules and procedures. I am flexible and will work with you to accomplish what you want the way you want it, even if it is wierd.

        I try very hard to make sure the customer has a clear understanding of what will be built and what it will cost. I don't want the customer to have any surprises.

        I am very respectful of people's time and property. Even if your place is a dump I recognize that you may not want it to be any worse.

        I tend to be more worried about other people's money than my own (that doesn't mean I don't expect a prompt check).

        If you call I will call back.

        I am not a salesman. I don't try to talk people into things they don't need. In fact I often talk myself out of a job.

        I like dogs.


       Despite this impressive website (at least I think it's impressive, maybe that's because I'm an unsophisticated rube).  My prices are reasonable. Bids are based on $40 per hour You might be surprised what I can do in an hour and hourly work is $100 minimum and $40 per hour after that. I work by the job and generally purchase all the materials. You do not pay anything until the job is complete and you are satisfied. Estimates are free.


There are lots of them available upon request. I am not publishing other people's info.

Kendrick C. Harvey Carpentry

Pittsboro, NC 27312



I would not have had this picture on every page but I couldn't figure out how to prevent it. This is the only good picture of me there is.
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